Georgia Livestock Auctions

Auctions held Every Wednesday

Sales begin at 11:00 am.

We auction goats and sheep first. Goats and sheep will be sold by the head only.

Load lots are sold at 3:00 pm every Wednesday

When it comes to cattle auctions and sheep auctions, you have come to the right place. As the top auction house that the Athens, GA region has for livestock for sale, we are uniquely positioned to handle all of your needs. Auctions take place every Wednesday and sales begin promptly at 11 AM.

Goat and sheep auctions take place first and they are sold by the head only. On Wednesday, load lots are also sold at 3 PM. The benefits that are associated with our auctions are numerous. The seller is protected, as we will serve as the intermediary agent, allowing for easier ownership transfer.

Since buyers are always on hand and ready to buy, this provides a more competitive marketplace and allows for greater returns. For the buyer, the benefits are also obvious. We pride ourselves on opening our doors to a plethora of renowned sellers, who are all properly vetted before being allowed to provide livestock.

Many farmers also appreciate our in-person and virtual livestock auctions because they offer a much-needed chance to do some valuable networking. In addition to being able to check out all of the animals that we have for sale, clients are given the chance to learn more about their chosen industry.

Cattle Auction

While there are some who may believe that these auctions are merely an exercise that allows for sick and unwell animals to be offloaded, we are here to destroy those myths once and for all. We are forward thinkers who always put ourselves in the shoes of our clientele before we make any decisions.

That’s how we have been able to develop such a strong reputation in the Athens, GA region. No commitments are forced, no client is coerced. If the client chooses to window-shop, they have every opportunity to do so. We will answer any and all questions that the client may have about the process as well.

Clients who have done the necessary homework on breeds and species beforehand are rewarded when they come to us. We can help you to zero in on your desired characteristics and we pride ourselves on aligning farmers with the livestock that they need most.

Ready to take that all-important next step forward? Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible. We will tap into our wealth of experience and walk you through any thoughts, questions or concerns that you may have. That’s how we ensure a much smoother auction process for all parties involved.