Auction Lot 2

Attention Buyers & Sellers:
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January 17, 2018

Lot: 2— Rex Reese of Kingston, GA

Head: 70 steers

Base Weight: 790 lbs

Origin:   Georgia

Description of Cattle: Cattle will be 90% #1′s and 10% #1 1/2′s. Cattle will be 60 Black or BWF, 2 Red or RWF (no Hereford), and 8 Charolais cross (two pink nose). Three head with 1/8 ear or less.

Frame:  Medium / Large

Flesh:   Medium

Weight Spread:   50 – 100 lbs

Horns: Two head with two inch regrowth horns.

Feed: Ten lbs per head per day of a brewers grain mixed ration, hay, grazing and free choice minerals.

Delivery: Load January 22 – 26. Buyer please give a two day notice.

Weighing: Cattle will be loaded on buyers truck and hauled 24 miles to be weighed with  a 2% shrink and $6.00 slide.

Vaccination: Two rounds of Bovishield Gold, two rounds of Vision 7 with somnus, one round Pulmoguard, and wormed with Longrange.

Comments:  Reputation cattle. Good load of  feeding cattle.