Auction Lot 2

Attention Buyers & Sellers:
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August 16, 2017

Lot: 2—Oconee County Cattleman Alliance of South Carolina

Head: 85 steers

Base Weight: 575 lbs

Origin:  Home raised

Description of Cattle: Cattle will be 90% #1′s and 10% #1 1/2′s. Cattle will be 70% Black or BWF, 15% Red or RWF (no Hereford), and 15% Charolais cross (no pink nose). 10% of cattle will have 1/8 ear or less.  Cattle are sired by Angus or SimiAngus bulls.

Frame:  Medium / Large

Flesh:   Medium

Weight Spread: 90% 50 – 100 lbs and 10% 100 – 150 lbs

Horns: No horns.

Feed: Eight lbs per head per day of a 12% grain ration, hay, grazing and free choice minerals.

Delivery: Load September 5. Buyer please give a two day notice.

Weighing: Cattle will be loaded on goosenecks and hauled 75 miles to NEGA LIvestock to be weighed with  no shrink and $8.00 slide.

Vaccination: Two rounds of Bovishield Gold, two rounds of Vision 7 with somnus,  and wormed with Cydectin.

Comments:  Reputation cattle. This is the tenth year this group of cattleman have joined forces to market their cattle. Cattle have been weaned 45 plus days. IF WE HAPPEN TO NEED SOME EXTRA WEIGHT WE CAN FINISH THE LOAD WITH SOME HEIFERS. ($10.00 BACK)